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Babicka - Original Wormwood Vodka

A totally unique wormwood-infused Vodka replicating a 500-year-old Czech witches recipe and promises a Vodka experience like no other

New Babicka Original Wormwood Vodka Revives an Age-Old Czech Witches Brew

Babicka, a totally unique wormwood distilled Vodka replicating a 500-year-old Czech witches recipe and promises a Vodka experience like no other. Babicka is the Czech term for an extraordinary band of sixteenth century peasant grandmothers with a mysterious reputation for witchcraft.

Gathering wormwood and other herbs from the wilds of the Czech Lands to create charms and tonics to supplement their meagre income, the Babicka recipes represent some of the earliest vodka formulas ever created.

The Babickas' notoriety as dabblers in the black arts was probably due to the highly creative, mildly hallucinatory properties of the infamous wormwood plant which featured in so many of their potions. Wormwood has long had an inscrutable reputation for producing a sense of wellbeing inspiring enriched creative capabilities and being an aphrodisiac. In folk medicine, the herb has a long and diverse history, and it was also the main ingredient of love charms, helping the lovelorn to see their true love in their dreams.

Not persecuted or burnt at the stake by the religiously tolerant Czechs, unlike their European sisters, the Babickas' were always revered by their communities for their invaluable and invigorating charms, and have since become legendary figures of wisdom, and compassion in Czech history and literature.


Created by master distillers in Prostejov in the Moravian Region of the Czech Republic, Babicka is a superior vodka. Every aspect of its production is carried out to ensure Babicka's place as the premium single grain wormwood vodka for discerning connoisseurs.


The vodka uses 100% Moravian corn as its single grain. Grown in the fertile low lands, it is harvested when sweet and young to give Babicka its subtle sweetness.


From the fields of Prostejov, the wormwood (artemisia absinthium) in the vodka is traditionally gathered by hand when the plant is in full bloom then hung to dry naturally. It is wormwood that lends Babicka its distinctive bouquet and flavour and unique digestive properties.


Babicka's incomparable smooth, clean taste is derived from the purest, crystal clear waters from two different sources of the Olomouc Region. The first is the natural spring water that flows from the low mountain ranges near Hana. This water is exceedingly soft and pure from years of natural filtering. The second is drawn from the deepest, 10,000 year old springs near the city of Prostejov. Undisturbed for countless centuries, this water is crisp and mineral-rich in calcium and magnesium.


Babicka undergoes an optimal six-step distillation process to bring out its true essence and character, each step, the vodka becoming smoother softer and more refined. After distillation, it is put through coal filtration to further refine the vodka and draw out every last impurity. It is this which gives Babicka its unmatched smooth taste. The resulting spirit is then combined with natural spring water to bring out the full strength and flavour that is Babicka's signature taste.


Nose- Babicka has a light creamy floral bouquet with subtle undertones of citrus and wormwood.

Viscosity- Babicka is viscous, thick and creamy in texture

Palate- Babicka has silky smooth taint to the palate with a subtle finish of rich vanilla, caramel and aniseed.


Babicka Martini - Babicka, Shaken over ice - Martini glass.

Ginger Babicka - Babicka, splash ginger beer, topped with soda

Sonic tonic - Babicka, splash tonic, squeeze pink grapefuit.

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