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Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka Exclusive Gift PackBelvedere Vodka Exclusive Gift Pack

Smart white polished hinged double Wooden Box incl.

  • 2 Rope Handles,
  • 2 Martini Style Glasses,
  • Cocktail Shaker,
  • 1 Btl. Belvedere Vodka 70 cl,
  • Cocktail Book

Price incl. VAT £ 84.95

We stock Belvedere Vodka in 70cl and 150cl bottles
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Belvedere Vodka - Premium, Cocktail Shaker

Belvedere Vodka - Premium Coctail ShakerSmart Gift Box - attractive Gift

  • Gift Box
  • 1 Btl. Belvedere Vodka 70 cl
  • Cocktail Book

Price incl. VAT £ 37.95

We stock Belvedere Vodka in 70cl and 150 cl Bottles

Please ask for quotation

Macerating Innovation

Belvedere Vodka has launched what it claims are the world’s first macerated Vodkas. Each vodka begins its life at the Polmos Zyrardow distillery in Poland, and is sent to Collonges-la-Rouge in south west France.

Here, "flavour artisan" Elie-Arnaud Denoix macerates fresh citrus peel in 96% pure Belvedere and water. The company adds that, once the flavour profile is right, Denoix distills the liquid over a low heat in Alambic copper pot stills, a cross between those used to make Cognac and those used to make perfume.

Denoix then blends each fruit distillate to make Belvedere Pomerancsa and Cytrus. The macerated Vodka is available through RI-Wine of Ascot.

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