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Cellar Dine

PEK Wine Preservation System

The first of its kind being electric and Preserves opened wine for up to 20 days using the Argon gas cartridge system.

  • Two Modells are available - with or without Cooler Function.
  • Built in temperature control, fits most 75 cl Bottles.
  • Spare cartridges (set of 4).
  • Argon Gas Cartridge lasts approx 40 Btls.
  • PEK incl. Cooler Function        Price incl. VAT £ 99.-
  • PEK without Cooler Function Price incl. VAT £ 54.95
  • 1 Set of spare Cartridges       Price incl. Vat £ 5.99
PEK Wine Preservation System

ZapCap Bottle Opener

  • A stylish new Bottle Opener.
  • New registered design with moulded crown cap feature
  • Built in magnet for easy disposal of metal bottle tops
  • Gift Box Packaging.
  • Price incl. VAT £ 4.99
ZapCap Bottle Opener


  • Single bottle or two bottles
  • Waiters Friend - Corkscrew
  • Maintain a consistent temperature 8 to 9 hours
  • Chill warm bottle in 30 minutes
  • Ideal as an excellent gift  all year around
  • Works on 75cl bottles
  • Rubber feet for outdoor use
  • Single Bottle Caddy Price incl. VAT £ 19.95
  • 2 - Bottle Caddy        Price incl. VAT £ 20.95

Easy to use - put plastic cylinder into freeser for 4 to 5 hours then place inside your CaddyO holder


Cellar DineNew Cellar Dine Gift Sets for Christmas and 2009

Thermo au Rouge & Rouge 02

  • An Original Therm au Rouge Red
  • Wine warming Sleeve
  • Rouge 02 & Electronic wine Breather.
  • Stylish Gift Set
  • Award Winning Product.
  • Price incl. VAT £ 14.99

Rouge 02 is the perfect solution to reduce breathing time from 2 hours to 1 minute in a controlled and sophisticated way. It works by gently bubbling air through the wine releasing its full bouquet and flavour.

Thermo au Rouge & Rouge 02

Flexicles Bottle & Champagne Chillers

Individual Gift Sets

  • Bottlee chiller
  • Detachable ineer chilling mat, can be used in lunch box or picnic bag
  • Champagne chiller
  • Stays cold up to 6 hours
  • Takes up minimal space in the freezer
  • Champagne Chiller  Price incl. VAT £ 5.99
  • Bottle Chiller 75cl      Price incl. VAT £ 5.49
Flexicles Bottle & Champagne Chillers

Therm au Rouge & Lever Action Corkscrew Gift Set

  • Superb Gift Set exclusive to CellarDine.
  • Includes Lever Action Corkscrew, Spare Worm, Foil Cutter
    & Special Edition Therm au Rouge red wine warmer.
  • Excellent value offering substantial savings.
  • Available in high quality gift box packaging.
  • Ideal for Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, an all year round gift.
  • Price incl. VAT £ 21.99
Therm au Rouge & Lever Action Corkscrew Gift Set

Therm au Rouge red wine warming sleeve & Rapid Ice bottle chiller Gift Set

  • Superb gift pack,
  • Therm au Rouge red wine warming sleeve,
  • Rapid Ice bottle chiller,
  • Chill white wine in 5 minutes,
  • Both are reusable items
  • Price incl. VAT £ 12.75
Therm au Rouge red wine warming sleeve & Rapid Ice bottle chiller Gift Set

3 Piece Bar Set

  • A superb gift set comprising a Wine Thermometer, Wine Pourer and stainless steel Waiters Friend.
  • Excellent all year round gift in superb packaging.
  • Ideal promotional opportunities.
  • Offers a saving of 33% when compared to individual purchases.

           Price incl. VAT £ 8.99

3 Piece Bar Set