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Screwpull - New Lever model LM-400


Screwpull - New Lever model LM-400Premium Box Set
with mock-leather finish case
and clear foil cutter.


A Corkscrew with finesse !
An innovation which has hit the spot in removing any type of cork !

Ref code: 540800060

  • The latest technology developed by Le Creuset
  • Offer patented product with innovative and advanced technology
  • Premium pricing in line with the advanced features and benefits offered
  • Highest quality design, materials and packaging, in keeping with premium nature of the brand
  • The fastest, easiest way to remove a cork
  • New improved lever action works more effectively on all corks, but especially synthetic corks
  • Fewer actions to complete cork removal, therefore less effort required: 4 actions vs. 6 on a standard Lever Model
  • Patented and design registered:
    • Fixed rack, moving gear
    • Screw assembly
    • Rotator
  • Premium mock-leather finish case
  • 30+ processes = over an hour to make each unit!

Price: £77.95 incl. VAT

LM-400 box LM-400


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