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Clany Fuller
The Artisans

Artisans of Barossa

Their Philosophy
'Handcrafted Authentic, Individualistic Wines From Australia'sGreatest Wine Region'

Artisans of Barossa is a group of like-minded Barossa producers with a common goal to market hand-made, high quality and creative products - wine, olive oil, produce - as a collective body in both domestic and international markets.

Clany Fuller
Clany Fuller

RI-Wine of Ascot is pleased to announce that we have linked to these winemakers and offer their range of wines - of outstanding qualities - in the UK and abroad.

The group has a strong committment to maintaining and celebrating the regionality enviromental sustainability, traditions and cultural spirit of their home - The Barossa.

They make products that excite, inspire, delight the customers and each  other.

Peter and Clancy Fuller

Peter and Clancy


Above all they maintain a sense of pride and fun in everything they do.

This draft charter was penned over a glass of Shiraz in late 2005, just a month or so before the group of 12 wineries set off for London and an exciting promotional tour of the United Kingdom.

Sharing bedrooms, bus journys and tasting benches for 3 weeks brought these guys closer together. They understood more about their wines, their vineyards and their philosophical beliefs and they went back with the motivation to create a new chapter in the history of one of Australia's great wine regions.

Digger's Bluff
Digger's Bluff

Artisanas of Barossa was formed in Mid February 2006 with a desire to chart new ground in wine styles and flavours, secure the region's reputation for hand-crafted excellence while also acknowledging the contributions of those who have come in front of them.

They are hoping that you see their passion in the glass and taste the region on your palate.



The first 12 Members:

Clancy Fuller - Paul Clancy and Peter Fuller, Bethany and Jacob's Creek

The Artisans
The Artisans

'... We have been determined not to chase fashion or trends but make authentic Barossa wines'

Diggers Bluff - Tim and Travis O'Callaghan, Seppeltsfield

'I prune, pick, ferment, press and label our wines with my own hands'

Hubb's Vintners - Greg Hobbs, Barossa Ranges

'In the Barossa we have found the place to live out this passion'

Kalleske - Tony and Troy Kalleske, Greenock

'We wanted to take a minimalistic, handmade approach to winemaking'

hobbs Vintners
hobbs Vintners

Massena - Dan Standish and Jaysen Collins, Moppa

'Two young blokes are cruising their way to work the midnight shift for the last vintage of the century'

M T Billy - John Edwards, Gomersal

'Providing a unique combination of 'Drink Now' palate friendliness and age worthiness'

Schwar Wine Comapny - Jason Schwarz, Bethany


'....Both wines show the dry grown, low yielding, hand tended vineyard character' ( Nitschke Block Siraz and Thiehle Road Grenache).

Spinifex - Peter Shell and Magali Gely, Kallimna

'We are big believers in the Primacy of the vineyard'

The Standish Wine Compny - Dan Standish, Vine Vale

'I am simply trying to convey... what the vineyard has seen during the past year with a message in the bottle'

Kalleske Old Vine Shiraz

Kalleske Old Vine


Teusner Wines - Kym Teusner and Michael Page, Ebenezer

'The vines stayed in the ground where they belong, and Teusner Wines was born'

Tin Shed - Peter Clarke, Eden Valley

'I insist that Tin Shed wines are enjoyed with friends, laughter - and something that tastes as good as the drop'

Torzi Matthews - Domenic Torzi and Tracy Matthews, Mt McKenzie

'The vines went in, the frosts came, the yields were low and frost dodger was created'


Prices of these wines will be listed shortly.

We are hosting the first tasting on the 30th of January 2007 in the presence of Dennis Canute owner of Rusden.

Please call or e-mail Abe Ritter of RI - Wine of Ascot


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